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Patient Success Stories

"Got me up and running again"

"I have been struggling with headaches and stiff neck / shoulders longer than I care to remember and rank up a local McTimoney Chiropractor for an appointment following a recommendation from a friend.

Appointment made and I walked into the room in pain, feeling sick and down and after two hours I walked out a new woman! When she got to treat me she said my head was like a taut balloon! That McTimoney is FANTASTIC!

I have had three sessions and it has changed me completely. I am now aware of my bad posture and correct myself all the time. I totally get what it is all about and understand why when she is working on my ankles, its sorting my upper body out!"

"I have a much better quality of life"

My doctor told me “ Tony you need to get the tension out of your body”

He told me I was in serious trouble with stress, high blood pressure and tension in my back and neck and unless I could change I was at risk of a heart attack or stroke.

I have attended Paul Tansey over the years and he has used a variety of adjustments and massage to get the joints in my back and neck working better. It has been a tremendous success. I enjoy my golf and have a much better quality of life. In 2013 I won the captains prize in the K Club. Not bad for an 82 year old.

All thanks to Paul Tansey and his wonderful skill.

Tony Moran, Dublin.

"After the 2nd session my pain improved"

"I initially developed lower back pain in October 2013 and was diagnosed with mild to moderate bulging discs in the lumbar and sacral area. I was in considerable pain and commenced on a cocktail of analgesic medication which made me feel extremely lethargic. I felt so debilitated and as a mother of 2 young children found it extremely difficult to undertake everyday activities of living and running around with the children.

I had been under the care of a consultant and underwent a spinal block which had no effect on pain and after dealing with this for 3 months I decided to attend Garrett and I've never looked back. I couldn't believe that after the 2nd session my pain improved and I was able to start to reduce my pain relieving medication. I had 4 sessions in total and I am now only requiring the use of non-steroidal gel on my lower back on average twice weekly and this is mostly after being on my feet more than usual in work. I have started power walking again and I my flexibility has improved significantly.

I can't believe I went from taking multiple analgesics, constant pain and a reduction in mobility to the level I am now. I would like to thank Garrett for helping me".

Claire Kennedy.